From unexpected places

I have recently moved from Washington to California to try to "learn the points of compass again" as I begin a new life. I felt that a new place would open me to experiences I might not attempt in the relative comfort of home. I am staying with some wonderful friends and the first month has gone well.

Instead of tv, they watch a fair number of movies. As they pull DVDs from their shelves or from Netflix pouches and ask me, "have you seen this one", it has become clear that I woefully behind on the cinema. We have seen some good films together including some smaller hits like: Spellbound, August Rush, and The Sandlot (now I get the reference of "you're killing me Smalls!").

Last night's flick was the 2009 remake of Fame. It's not exactly going to stand as a classic, but it was decent. There was a scene toward the end that I thought was good/poignant. The student Malik carries a lot of anger from his past, and throughout the film, his teacher Mr. Dowd reaches out to try to help. In their final scene together, he says:

"All that your ashamed of, 
all the parts of yourself that you keep secret, 
everything you want to change about yourself -
it's who you are. 
That's your power. 
Deny it, and you're nothing. 
And you'll never be much of an actor. 
Now you're good Malik, 
but you've got to start breaking down those walls 
and accept your circumstances. 
Just tell the truth."


Holly Linden said...

LOVE what you got out of an unexpected flick like Fame. We need to watch some movies that YOU have chosen.

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