90 days

So the papers were filed today. I'm not sure what was going on for the last two months, since we had already agreed on all the details, but now the process is moving forward. There is a minimum 90 day waiting period before the divorce can be made final.

The reason, or "grounds", listed on the filing was "This marriage is irretrievably broken". I was pretty sure this was boilerplate, but the phrase bothered me. I did some quick Google research, and it turns out this is only grounds for dissolution allowed for the state of Washington.

I'm not sure what grounds should be listed, but this phrase doesn't seem right or accurate. But with only one phrase to choose from, I guess no one is really interested in the real reason.


Me said...

That's just yucky.

Holly Linden said...

Yeah, terrible wording. I can see why it bothered you. It made me wince.

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